With close to a decade of recruiting experience, a knack for making lasting connections, and deep family roots in the business, Brett was literally born to be a career coach.

Following a first career in fundraising, Brett was approached by a staffing agency and asked if she had ever recruited. Her response? "No, but my father is a head-hunter, and I've been connecting ideas and people for years!" Eager to make her mark in the recruiting community, Brett ended up as the top performer at one of Washington, DC's premier recruiting agencies, as Senior Director of their HR, Administrative & RPO practice. 

Throughout the years, Brett has coached thousands of people at all stages of their careers and successfully helped them navigate the job market. She not only hears what her clients are saying - she listens. Many of her closest friends are former candidates, or clients, themselves, proof of the many strong, and authentic, relationships Brett has developed over the years with her honest, empathetic nature.

Brett resides in Los Angeles with her husband and their cat, Franny. She is passionate about animal rights, and an advocate for invisible illness awareness.

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