Intuitive, individualized career coaching

What happens to my resume once I hit ‘submit’?

How can I revamp my resume and LinkedIn profile to attract and connect with industry leaders?

What is the best way to handle the compensation question and salary negotiation?

Where do I even begin?!

Whether you’re a recent graduate new to the workforce, or frustrated in your current situation and ready to make a change, I can help you design and navigate a clear path to your dream job!

Our work together will begin with an intake call where we will explore your skills, talents, and interests, as well as your attitude towards money. You will be able to articulate what that “dream job” looks like - and what it doesn’t - the first step to pursuing it.   

From there, we will discuss your current situation and design a strategy that is unique to you and your industry.  I will teach you about the recruitment process, from job application to negotiating an excellent offer.  You will learn how to network and interview effectively – and I will open my vast network of contacts to you, my client.  We will edit your resume and cover letter to help you stand out from the pack and redesign your LinkedIn profile to catch the eye of others in your industry.  I will coach you through the interview process, sharing tips and tricks of the trade.  

Throughout our time together, I will be by your side to offer honest feedback and encouragement. Contact me today to jumpstart your journey to success!